2019 2020 Financial Information

Finance Book 2018

Accident Report
Administrators and Benefits
Coaches Pay Dates
Cover Sheet Salary Schedules 2017
Dental Plan
Direct Deposit Form for Payroll
Disability Benefits
Donated Sick Leave Form
Employee Benefit Summary
Eschool Solutions Instructions by phone
Fixed Asset Additions.pdf
Fixed Asset Transfer Disposal.pdf
Index Page for Finance Book.pdf
Instuctions for online check and W2.pdf
IRS Tax Status Determination Letter.pdf
Notes for Invoices, Requisitions, and Purchase orders.pdf
Notes on Bidding Requirement.pdf
Ohio State Tax Withholding Form.pdf
Pay Schedule 18.pdf
Pay Schedule Coaches 2018.pdf
Pay Voucher 21st Century Hamlin Midway.pdf
Pay Voucher Critical Skills - Duval.pdf
Pay Voucher Critical Skills.pdf
Pay Voucher Extra Curricular Activity.pdf
Pay Voucher Faculty Senate Hiring.pdf
Pay Voucher Grounds Keeper.pdf
Pay Voucher Harts Critical Skills.pdf
Pay Voucher Levy Staff Development.pdf
Pay Voucher Overtime.pdf
Pay Voucher Planning Period All Except LCHS.pdf
Pay Voucher Levy Summer.pdf
Pay Voucher Planning Period GV Middle only.pdf

Pay Voucher Planning Period LCHS only.pdf

Pay Voucher Preschool Sub Aide.pdf
Pay Voucher Supplemental.pdf
Pay Voucher Teacher Pupil Ratio Grades 1-6 Per Session.pdf
Pay Voucher Teacher Pupil Ratio Kindergarten Per sesson.pdf
Pay Voucher TeacherPupil Ratio 6 Per Session Middle School.pdf
Personnel Action Forms.pdf
Policy 8700 Anti Fraud.pdf
Purchasing Card Log Sheet.pdf
Purchasing Flow Chart.pdf
Retirement Qualifications.pdf 
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.pdf
Sick Leave Conversion Rules.pdf
SICK Leave Conversion 10.12.15.pdf
Sick Leave Form.pdf
Student Accident Report.pdf
Travel Guidelines and Notes.pdf
Travel Mileage Chart In County 1.1.2017.pdf
Travel Miles Times Current Rate of Reimbursement 1.1.2017.pdf
Travel Reimbursement Form 1.1.2017.pdf
Vision Benefit Summary 7 15 final.pdf
W4 2017.pdf
Vision Claim Form Group Vision Service.pdf
W9 Form - County.pdf
W9 Form Blank.pdf
WV State Tax WH.pdf






 Lincoln County Schools Phone: 824-3033 Fax: 824-7947



E-Mail Address

Ray Ellis, Director Finance/Treasurer


Trina Barrett, Payroll Coordinator

Robin Adkins, Accounts Payable Executive Secretary

Amy Adkins, Coordinator of Purchasing