John Roy, Transportation Director

Tammy Owens, Executive Secretary 

Jeff Dyer, Transportation Coordinator and Chief Mechanic

Brian Adkins, Mechanic

Dave Owens, Mechanic

Director: 824-3033 (Ext. 6225)

Secretary: 824-7474
Mechanics: 824-7474

Parent Registration

John Roy, Transportation 

Coordinator  Phone 824-3033-Ext. 6266 

• Passengers shall remain seated. Keep head and limbs inside bus at all times.
• Persistent distracting of driver or violating regulations may result in suspension.
• Only students, employees, or person approved by the Board of Education may ride or board a school bus.
• Bus operators will pick up / discharge passengers only at their designated bus stop. Written permission must be provided from legal guardian or parents, signed by the Principal, prior to any deviated stop.
• Bus stops should be at least 200' from the crest of where approaching traffic is obstructed.
• No unauthorized person shall be permitted to occupy driver’s seat, tamper with equipment, or controls.
• Signs, banners, posters, etc. shall not be displayed inside or outside the bus.
• Property of students or Board of Education may be transported only if item is not too large to hold in lap or between feet unless secured in a designated area. Do not throw objects in or from the bus windows.
• Flammable materials, explosives, weapons, aerosol cans, glass, and all other dangerous objects are prohibited.
• Outside bus, students shall walk on the left side of road facing traffic.
• Be at designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled bus arrival.
• Students should wait on side of road the bus is traveling unless safety prohibits.
• Students must be safely away from traffic lane until bus has completely stopped.
• Board bus in safe orderly manner, no pushing, shoving. Keep noise level down at all times.
• Follow operator’s safety instruction when setting on or off the bus. Sit in assigned seat provided by bus operator.
• After boarding bus go immediately to seat. Be courteous to other students. NO FIGHTING or HORSEPLAY.
• Students who vandalize buses are responsible for the cost of repairs, or will loose bus privileges. Students should report any damage to operators. Respect others space and property.
• With operator’s permission, seats may be exchanged when bus is not in motion.
• Cooperate with bus operator or monitor on duty, keep bus clean.
• Eating and drinking on bus is prohibited, except medically necessary. No suckers, balloons.
• Student shall not ride in step-way, and while bus is in motion must stay seated.
• Use of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substance is prohibited.
• Use of profane, obscene language prohibited. No intimate contact permitted, consensual or otherwise.
• Sleeping on bus is unsafe, however, not an offense subject to suspension from the school bus.
• If guardian or parent is meeting bus, you are responsible to return to bus stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled time. If parent or guardian is unable to be there at the scheduled time, there should be an alternate written plan of action for the student.
• Loading bus should be completed in approximately 5 minutes after being adjourned from school.
• Parents must notify bus operator if student is not going to ride the bus. Especially when route may be altered.
• Student safety is the Lincoln County Boards first priority. Due to road conditions routes may be temporarily changed, or part of the route not run at all temporarily due to road conditions.
• If student is suspended from one bus, he or she is suspended from all buses, including extra trips.
• Cameras are on buses, to review tape of an incident w/ regard to your child, contact the Transportation Dept.
• Situations not covered in the above statements are under the jurisdiction and authority of the bus operator.
• No conferences may take place at the bus stop, make an appointment in the office or contact operator by phone.

Enrollment Information
Date:___________ __________________ __________________________ _____________________________ __________________ Bus Operator (Legal Guardian or Parent) (Student) (School) Age:_______ Grade: _______ Address:___________________ Home Phone: __________________ Work Phone: ________________ Other Emergency Contact:__________________ White - Transportation Copy Canary - Parent Copy Pink - Driver Copy