To:           Parents of Students, Teachers, Employees, Contractors, Vendors, etc.


From:      Greg Gosnay, Maintenance Director, L.E.A. Designated Person for Asbestos


Subject:   Asbestos Notification


Date:        August 4, 2015


Please be advised that asbestos containing material has been identified, or has been assumed to be asbestos containing material at the following schools: The informational letter comes to you at the direction of the Environmental Protection Agency.


School                                                   Friable Materials                                                  Non Friable Materials

West Hamlin Elem.                                 No Asbestos Containing Materials Specified

New Harts PK-8                                      No Asbestos Containing Materials Specified   

Lincoln Co. High School                         No Asbestos Containing Materials Specified

Ranger                                                                                                                                     Floor tile

Guyan Valley Middle                            Pipe Insulation                                                    Floor tile, Siding       

Hamlin K-8                                           Plaster Ceilings                                                     Floor tile, Pipe                                                                                                        

Duval  K-8                                                                                                                              Floor tile   

Central Offices, Yeager Center             Pipe Insulation                                                         Floor tile                                                                 

Midway                                                                                                                                  Floor tile


Friable materials are defined as those that can be easily crumbled by hand.


It is important to remember that not all asbestos needs to be removed from schools once materials have been identified.  A program can be implemented to ensure that the material is maintained in good condition and that appropriate precautions are followed when the material is disturbed for any reason. Repair or removal is done by experienced and certified contractors in this type of work. After repairs or removal of asbestos, required testing of the air is completed to ensure that all of the school areas are safe of asbestos fibers.


Please realize that methods of removal are expensive and must adhere to E.P.A. regulations. Lincoln County Schools will address asbestos material in cases where the material is significantly damaged and the potential for disturbance is likely. We will continue to monitor asbestos containing materials condition. Periodic surveillance inspections are conducted every six months.


Located at each school is a copy of the school’s Management Plan. You may contact the school’s Principal for an appointment to inspect the plan.  Every three years an accredited inspector completes a re-inspection of each school, which was completed in July and August, 2015.


For additional information contact Dana Smith, Designated Asbestos Person, Lincoln County Board of Education at 304-824-3033 extension 6273.


10 Marland Avenue, Hamlin, WV 25523         (304)824-3033 Ext. 269      Fax (304)824-7947




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