• Requirements for Senior Year
    All seniors will need a physical and dental exam before starting school in August. If you need shots you will get them during your well-child physical. Don't wait until this summer to schedule these. 

Current Happenings

Bed bugs

Occasionally there are bed bugs found on or around a student in one of our classrooms. When this occurs, the student(s) are discreetly checked and we begin an investigation to see if we can figure out where they are coming from.  Part of this investigation includes education on what to do if you have bed bugs in your home to keep them from being brought to school.

If you have bed bugs at home:

Put objects that can be dried in a dryer in there on high for 30 minutes.

Vacuum everywhere and place your vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag for disposal.

Limit the items your child brings to school. 

Store freshly laundered clothing in sealed plastic bags or containers until you wear them.

Keep items that do go to school, (backpacks, equipment bags, coats) in an area separate from the sleeping area of sealed in plastic bags or containers.

Shake clothing before you put it on. 

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Contact Number:

Teresa Ryan, RN, MSN, NCSN,
Lead Nurse

Lincoln County High School    
Ranger Elementary

304-824-3033 ext. 6249          


Hope Pate, RN, BSN Hamlin PK-8 School
West Hamlin Elementary School

304-824-3033 ext. 6251

Jennifer McCann-Haddox, RN, BSN Guyan Valley Middle School
Harts PK-8 School

304-824-3033 ext. 6275


Jenny Pauley, RN, BSN Duval PK-8 School
Midway Elementary School
 304-824-3033  ext. 6240
Nursing Support:

Sherry Brown, LPN

West Hamlin Elementary School


School Health Secretary:      
 Kristie Linville          School Health News  304-824-3033 ext. 6240